Hi there, I'm Caroline Wall the owner and founder of BRUSH! 

After studying at North Adelaide School of Art I was convinced that unless I was Picasso I would never make a living from my passion so instead I studied teaching during the time I was also raising a young family. After majoring in Drama I landed my dream role as one of the first two Captain Starlight facilitators for South Australia. This saw me entertaining sick and hospitalised children for five years. I had the most amazing opportunities to bring joy to children in very creative ways and realised this brought me the most  happiness too. I experienced amazing opportunities like, clowning school with Dr Fairy Floss in Melbourne, Creative Writing techniques with Helen Zigmund in Brisbane, Performing with Arj Barker at Royal Children's Hospital, dancing on stage with Ricki Lee, performing for the Director of Disney Studios, among many other things, even flying in the Holden Blimp! Part of my job was to create relationships with stakeholders and visit large corporations to speak. After that I worked as the South Australian facilitator for StartSmart, once again performing for children, this time in Primary Schools. 

I always returned to art. It was my place of happiness, and this led me to participate in my first SALA exhibition, shortly after I became runner up for the Fringe Poster in 2016. After that I was lucky to sell out my first solo show, and be invited to do a mural at The Rhino Room. The year after that I was chosen as one of six artists to be focussed on in SA Weekend for The Advertiser, then chosen as one of five female artists to watch in Adelaide for International Women's Day in 2017 by thisisradelaide.com! 

Luckily I was then invited to collaborate on an evening of painting. Throwing myself in the deep end of paint parties and live painting classes. It went so well that it just snowballed from there. I've now done many adult paint classes, all over South Australia and pride myself on the fact I was SA's first mobile art party business. I've been involved in art classes for children too, school holiday workshops, Nature Play SA events, running children's art sessions at The Minlaton Show, WoTL (Women on the land) art session focussing on mental health, hen's nights with and without life models, children's birthday parties galore and the Art Ark Adventure at Warooka Primary focussing on a big art project in each class to highlight aspects of the 'rewilding' of Southern Yorke Peninsula. 

2021 has seen BRUSH absolutely flourish as a small business. Our Adelaide Fringe season SOLD OUT again at SJ Establishment, we found a permanent venue at GANG in Gilbert Street and received a five star 'Glamadelaide *****' review. The best news too is that as of April BRUSH will be doing regular monthly events at Pirate Life Brewery Port Adelaide. We have also worked with amazing brands such as: MECCA Cosmetica, Bailey Abbott, Aleenta Barre, Seymour College, Ballara Retreat, SA Ambulance and more. 

Teaching art has become my main passion in life, along with doing the odd mural from time to time. I also regularly write an art blog for the amazing peeps over at kidsinadelaide.com. 

If you are interested in an art event of any kind, the sky is the limit! 

And remember, Picasso said "Everyone's an artist!"